Here are some things that we are looking for in this years tour.

1. Originality in concept and design.
2. Technical proficiency in a chosen medium.
3. Profession presentation.
4.  Well communicated the message on a visual level.


AND HERE ARE SOME ThingS Artist Need To Know To Before Getting Up on a Wall

Some of this may seem basic, but we want to make sure everybody is on the same page about what we are looking for.

1. Select work that is the same or similar to the work you know for.
Ex. If you are known for painting bears with swords and you are selected to be part of the show, this isn't time to experiment with landscapes. Do what you normally do.

2. If you have any questions ask.

3. It is best to avoid submitting  work that requires a multiple page document to explain what you are trying to do.

4. We only accept finished work that is framed, framed and matted, gallery wrapped canvases or works on wood wired for hanging. This helps in the stability and safety of the work.
Avoid using saw tooth hanger, small screw eyes, triangle hangers, push pin, paper clips, fishing wire, clip frames or thin  poster frames.

Basically, if your presentation looks like a pro you will be good to go.
We came across this video that will get you in the ballpark

5. Before delivering work make sure you have your full contact information and name of work attached to the back.